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Iron MC Series
Roddio Iron MC Series [Released March 27, 2024]

*The head cannot be purchased alone, so please select the shaft and grip.


MC stands for "Multi Combination." This naming implies that players can freely combine each iron with their favorite head to bring out the ideal shot they imagine for each club. This is a long-awaited new iron from RODDIO that offers one or two different head structures that provide the same flight distance for long irons, middle irons, and short irons, allowing each customer to choose the ideal set.

*First, we will release the pocket structure head, which will be the base model common to all clubs. The separate structure models for the long iron and short iron are scheduled to be released in spring 2025.



1. Allow for mistakes

The sole design combines a wide width with good release, resulting in a forgiving iron head that is forgiving of duffing and topping mistakes.

2. Soft and agile

Not only does it have the soft feel that comes with one-piece forged soft iron, but it also has a thin face design (2.3mm thick) that is comparable to high-strength steel, made possible by the carbonitriding process, and it also has a flight distance performance that is one club longer than that of general one-piece forged soft iron irons.

3. Stable flight distance

The undercut pocket structure and thin face allow the free weight to be distributed between the reverse tapered blade at the top and the wide sole at the bottom, achieving the largest vertical moment of inertia value in the history of RODDIO iron heads. This minimizes the variation in flight distance caused by mishits in the vertical direction of the face.

4. Proper distance interval

In order to optimize the distance interval for each club, the reverse taper and pocket size are precisely designed to create a flow.
The smaller the club number (long iron), the lower the degree of reverse taper to further lower the center of gravity, and the deeper the pocket is designed to allow for easier, more reliable high trajectory hits. Conversely, the larger the club number (short iron), the greater the degree of reverse taper to increase the vertical moment of inertia, and the deeper the pocket is designed to reduce variation in distance due to mishits.

●The reverse taper flow gives the long irons a lower center of gravity, while the short irons are designed to have greater moment of inertia both upward and downward.

●The pocket size flow has been designed to provide a wider sweet spot in the long irons, while the short irons are designed to provide a consistent amount of face flex.


1. Low center of gravity performance

Not only is the sole wider, but the bottom frame shape also expands in the toe and heel directions, resulting in a sweet spot height of 20.3 mm (7-iron head), which is quite low for an iron head in this category. Furthermore, the pocket structure, which is designed with the optimal size for each club using highly precise CNC machining, effectively expands the sweet area. This head is also highly forgiving when it comes to mishits from the left or right.

2. Vertical moment of inertia performance

Because MC irons place importance on operability, the side-to-side moment of inertia value is lower than that of our PC irons, but the vertical moment of inertia value, which is effective in suppressing the variation in flight distance, which is the most important thing, is higher than that of PC irons. Rather than simply maximizing all the values, we pursue the performance required by the target users defined for each model. This may seem obvious, but the RODDIO style of manufacturing is to pursue this thoroughly.

3. Distance performance by club

The development theme for the MC irons was to create an iron with equal distance performance between the clubs, and with high repeatability. Of course, there will be individual differences in the distance each golfer achieves, depending on their physical strength and technique, but this iron is not primarily designed to "maximize the distance," but rather to be "able to hit the ball precisely at the distance set for each club." This is a RODDIO iron head that was created over several years, with prototypes made and tested on the actual course over and over again.


1.Color Custom

Price: 2,000 yen (2,200 yen including tax) / 1 piece
*The unit price will be charged separately.

You can customize the color of the R mark nameplate on the head, the club number, the RODDIO logo, and the bee mark. You can choose from 10 colors for the R mark nameplate. The recessed lettering to be colored will be delivered to the concierge shop you purchase the club from in an uncolored state so that you can color it in your preferred color at the concierge shop. The coloring labor costs, color types, and other conditions vary depending on each concierge shop, so please contact us directly.

1. The coloring of the text will be done at the concierge shop where you purchased it.
2. Please note that the R mark nameplate cannot be removed and replaced.

3. The image of the color custom head above does not include coloring of the lettering.


There are 10 pieces of each of the two designs, for a total of 20 types to choose from.
●Standard Design
Price: 500 yen (550 yen including tax)

●Honeycomb Design
Price: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax)

  1. The recommended adjustment range is up to ±1°.
  2. The numerical values ​​for each specification are based on our own measuring equipment and conditions.
  3. Please note that product specifications may be changed without prior notice to customers.
  4. The colours of the products shown may differ from the actual products depending on your browser and monitor settings.

[Tolerance] Loft angle ±1° / Lie angle ±1° / Sole angle ±1° / FP ±1mm / Head weight ±2.5g

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