Fitting facility introduction

We are the first in the country to link GCQuad (the highest quality club/ball data measuring device) with FOCUS (an AI club head tracer), completely visualizing the data and allowing customers to easily understand the fitting process.

K-fitting process


Step 01

Make a reservation by phone

Please let us know 2 or 3 days in advance of your desired date and time.
Same day reservations may also be possible.

Step 02

Please bring your own clubs to your appointment

Please also bring your own gloves and shoes.
We will begin the fitting after warming up.

Step 03

Start the fitting

We will use GC Quat and FOCUS (a mat projection head tracer) for fitting. You can check the trajectory through simulation and check your own swing with a swing camera.
*The swing is visualized, making it easy to check.

About fitting


GC Quad

It is one of the most highly accurate golf trajectory measuring devices currently available, boasting the highest level of performance.

GC Quad Ballistic Monitor

On the 50-inch monitor, you can see how the club is hitting the ball during your swing, whether the club is hitting the ball with an upper or lower blow, and whether the ball is on an in-out or out-in trajectory.

Test shaft for Roddio driver

We have over 200 in stock.

First introduction in Japan! FOCUS
Mat projection type head tracer measuring device

You can check your own image and sensation against the actual trajectory.

First introduction in Japan! FOCUS
Mat projection type head tracer measuring device

The data measured by FOCUS is projected onto the mat under your feet, giving you a complete visualization of your club movement.

A large screen measuring 2.7m in height and 3.5m in width

The same data as the screen is displayed on a 50-inch monitor, with ballistic data provided by GC Quad.
In addition, trajectory data, club data, etc. are expressed in detailed numerical values.

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