Workshop introduction

"Keep your club in top condition."

``The world of golf is deep, and I think the more you care about it, the more trouble you'll have.
At our store, we will provide you with the best and most suitable clubs for you.
Body structure and habits change depending on the person.
There is always a club that suits that person.
By having our customers use our store,
We hope that you will step further into the world of golf.
If you need support for this, we will fully support you.
Whether you are just starting to play golf, want to take it up a notch, or want to be even more particular about your clubs, please leave it to us.

5 features



Custom made specialty store

We provide custom-made clubs to suit your body and habits. Why not pay attention to every detail and get your very own club that is the only one in the world?

RODDIO and EPON dealers

We are the only store in the Hokusetsu area that handles both RODDIO and EPON manufacturers. We also carry products from a variety of other manufacturers, so if you want to be particular about it or want to continue playing golf, please feel free to contact us.

Commitment to grip

When choosing a grip, you probably choose based on the manufacturer, weight, thickness, design, etc. At our store, we suggest choosing a grip based on the size of the user's hands and how they grip it.

speedy work

Adjustments to reshafts will take approximately 15 minutes, depending on the congestion situation. If you are in a hurry, please feel free to bring it with you.

Commitment to finishing work

The clubs assembled at our shop are assembled neatly and neatly so that you won't be embarrassed to take them anywhere.

Equipment introduction


  • ALC LL480 Loft Fly Adjuster

    Used to adjust and measure iron loft and lie angles.

  • Original custom shaft extractor

    Used when removing the shaft.

  • Electronically controlled curing accelerator heater

    Used to promote adhesion to the club shaft and increase hardening power.

  • ALC CC-420 shaft cutter

    Used when cutting the shaft.

  • ALC CLB-14 balancer meter

    Used to measure club swing balance.

  • center flex meter

    Used to measure shaft hardness and spine.

Manager's greeting


We believe that some of our customers feel that they don't have confidence in their clubs or that they don't know how to choose one. At our store, we will help you eliminate those feelings. Would you like to make your club a club that you can swing with confidence? I am the manager of a golf workshop, have been a tester for a certain fishing equipment manufacturer for over 10 years, and am still a bass angler who owns a bass boat on Lake Biwa. I play golf with a JGA handicap of 2.4 (as of July 2021).My favorite clubs are the driver and wedge, and the driver is a hitter who can hit the ball over 300 yards.

Manager Tomohiro Kitamura

Physical store introduction


Golf workshop K

Re-Life Building 203, 2-10-10 Mukaioka, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
telephone number
business hours
[Friday-Wednesday] 10:00-18:00
Regular holiday
Available (6 parking spaces for tenants)
*If the parking lot is full, please use the coin parking on the left and right sides of the tenant building.

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