RODDIO PC IRON 4-piece set [#7~#Pw]

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1. Pursue maximum distance without forgetting the role of the iron

PC Iron (#5-#P) / PC Iron Light (#6-#Q)

The face is made of high-tensile special steel that is only 2.0 mm thick, and the extremely thin face is joined to the soft iron forged body that has been precisely CNC machined over a long period of time by beadless laser welding, resulting in a high repulsion performance and a flying iron. The iron head has evolved while keeping the shaft and loft value within the framework of an iron, and is the birth of a highly refined iron head that truly embodies RODDIO's commitment.

2. Equipped with the gentleness of a utility head

PC Iron (#5-#P) / PC Iron Light (#6-#Q)

Another element that we put as much thought into as the distance performance, if not more, was to achieve a low sweet spot while ensuring sufficient vertical moment of inertia. The head, which has been precisely CNC machined to achieve precise weight distribution, will carry the ball to the vicinity of the green even with a slight top hit, and even with mishits there is little variation in distance, making it just as easy to use as a utility head.

3. The reason for being "kind" (Ryuu) The reason that cannot be explained in one word (Wake)

PC Iron (#5-#P) / PC Iron Light (#6-#Q)

By designing the top blade as a priority and the neck length as long, we have obtained two elements: sufficient vertical moment of inertia value and a low sweet spot, which makes this iron "easy to use." However, there is one more thing that RODDIO has put effort into. Although the top blade is finished with just this, it is also undercut. Even though it is a center-of-gravity designed iron, the repulsion area on the top blade side is expanded, so it can provide high performance even when teeing up or floating in the rough, which tends to make the impact point higher. The reason why it cannot be described in one word is because RODDIO's developers know that it is the careful and painstaking effort to address each and every one of the concerns of golfers that will lead to the creation of products that are supported by many golfers.

4. Ensure consistent hitting feel within the set

PC Iron (#5-#P) ・PC Iron Light (#6-#Q)

In the production of this iron head, the challenge was to create a soft feeling when hitting the ball. After testing various types of elastic resins in the undercut part of the lower part of the head, we decided on a one-piece soft iron forging. The reason for being so particular about the soft feeling when hitting the ball is also an expression of RODDIO's strong desire to release this iron to the world as a high-quality iron that can be called a masterpiece.

5. Reduce weight without compromising performance

PC Iron Light (#6-#Q)

PC Irons are designed to meet the needs of golfers who want to try pocket cavity irons because they offer the same swing feeling and distance as clubs designed for athletes, but are also easy to use and have great distances. PC Iron Light is aimed at hardy golfers, from women's golfers to average golfers, so even if the head weight and design (appearance) are the same, the design is carefully tailored to the target golfer. This approach is the basic attitude of RODDIO in manufacturing.

6. Performance does not degrade even in harsh environments
PC Iron (#Q, #R, #S) / PC Iron Light (#R, #S)

The appeal of performance to wedges is not just about improving the fixed spin performance. RODDIO believes that if you cannot utilize the performance in an environment beyond that used for playing golf, even if it is modest, it is meaningless if you cannot utilize it in actual play, even if it is a little bit. Especially in approach shots around the green where there are many unfavorable situations for the ball, no matter how much you improve the accuracy of the grooves themselves or design the face surface to be smooth, there are many cases where the effect is not fully obtained in the environment. By the way, this wedge has a special pattern of laser milling on the face surface, which emphasizes the decrease in spin performance even when moisture is attached to the face or ball. Furthermore, this laser milling is applied during plating and plating, so the effect will last for a while. RODDIO's commitment is also on display in this wedge, which can fully and continuously demonstrate stable spin performance even under conditions where the grass and ball are wet due to rain or morning dew.

7. Attack with shots within 80 yards

PC Iron Light (#Q)

The PC Iron Light #Q is designed to be used for full shots even at short distances of 80 yards or less. All elements, including the pocket cavity structure, shape, dimensions, etc., are designed to be used as an iron, not as a wedge. "Even for one club, we will carefully create it after fully understanding and analyzing the needs of the target golfer." This attitude is the essence of RODDIO's manufacturing.

8. Stop your approach shot and get closer

PC Iron (#Q, #R, #S) / PC Iron Light (#R, #S)

While the iron heads (#5-#P*1) are designed to be "long distance and easy to use," the wedges (#Q,#R,#S*2) are designed without consideration of "stopping and approaching." Instead of the traditional single-pressing process for the score lines, the press process is carried out in two separate steps using high-precision forging, resulting in a sharp groove shape equivalent to that of score lines made by CNC milling, greatly improving spin performance. Furthermore, work hardening is achieved, making it possible to maintain the effect for a little longer than CNC milled score lines. The trajectory is launched slightly lower, which improves spin performance.
*1 PC IRON LIGHT(#6~#Q) *

9. DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Coating

PC iron (all sizes)

DLC is a general term for a thin carbon film that has high hardness similar to that of diamond, and is synthesized by a gas phase synthesis method using ions. It has excellent abrasion resistance and surface smoothness compared to other coatings. (As it is a coating that increases hardness, depending on the individual, you may feel a firm impact sensation.) *
DLC coating is an optional extra cost of 5,000 yen (5,500 yen including tax) on top of the base price.

Optional (optional)

Color Custom

SOCKET : There are 10 items in each of two designs, for a total of 20 types to choose from.


Price: 4-piece set (#7-Pw) 80,000 yen (88,000 yen including tax), single pieces (#5,#6,#Q,#R,#S) 20,000 yen (22,000 yen including tax) Made in Thailand *DLC coating
This option fee will be +5.00 yen (5,500 yen including tax) per item on top of the other prices.

Number #Five #6 #7 #8 #9 P #R #S
Loft angle [°] twenty three 26 29 33 38 43 51 56
Lie angle [°] 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 63.5 63.5
Sole angle [°] 1 1 2 2 3 Four 8 Ten
Face Progression [mm] 1.8 2 2.2 2.5 2.7 3 3.5 3.8
Head weight [g] 258 264 270.5 277.5 285 292.5 297 298
Hosel inner diameter [mm] 9.2 9.2
Hosel hole depth [mm] 30 30
material Body: S25C mild steel / Face: High tensile special steel Body: S25C mild steel
Manufacturing method Body: Forged and CNC precision machined
Face: Precision milling
Score line: High-precision forging with one press
Body: Forged
Face surface: Smooth milling and special pattern laser milling score lines
: High-precision forging with two presses
structure Composite Pocket Cavity Solid Cavity

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