Orion S-LINE Iron 6-piece set [#5~#Pw]

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*This product cannot be purchased as a head alone.

*Price is for the head only.

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The beat of "FORGED" rises again

S15c 1-piece mild steel forging

Among the FORGED irons
We use "S15C mild steel", which is classified as the highest quality mild steel.
The cavity part is precision machined to ensure optimal distribution of gravity.

Form, operability, and feel
For advanced users

Low center of gravity yet thick impact area

The "sticky feel" at impact that is unique to 1-piece FORGED irons
You can enjoy the "dry hitting sound". And
The "heavy ball" and "powerful trajectory that can withstand the wind" that all players fear
Experience the ball's trajectory.

High straight-line stability with all club heads standing upright

Stable head with perfect balance of center of gravity

The center of gravity is positioned on the toe side of the sole, increasing the moment of penetration. This provides high straight-line stability and recovery effect when hitting a mishit.

*Depending on the grip weight, shaft length, and weight, we may not be able to meet your desired balance.

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