Fitting facility introduction

This is one of the few stores in Minoh that carries RODDIO and EPON.
We also carry products from a variety of other manufacturers, so if you want to be particular about it or want to continue playing golf, please feel free to contact our store.

K fitting flow


Step 01

Make a reservation by phone

Please let us know your desired date and time by 2 or 3 days.
Same-day reservations may also be possible.

Step 02

Please bring your own clubs to your reservation date

Please also bring your own gloves and shoes.
After warming up, we will begin the fitting.

Step 03

start fitting

We perform fitting using GC squat and FOCUS (matte projection type head tracer). You can check the trajectory through simulation and your own swing using the swing camera.
*You can easily check the swing by visualizing it.

About fitting


3 camera measurements

We photograph and measure swing trajectory, impact lie angle, and trajectory data using three cameras, and based on trajectory analysis, we propose clubs that solve your problems.

wedge fitting

During wedge fitting, you can choose the most suitable wedge by selecting recommended wedges from a list of wedges that have been measured using Golf 5's own unified standards based on test drive data.

putter fitting

During putter fitting, you can use a trial putter to measure your putting data and quickly select the most suitable putter from our unique putter selection list.

Club measurement data bank

Data measured by 3 state-of-the-art digital cameras can be saved. Test shot data is available at Golf 5 nationwide.

Order club workshop

At Golf 5's custom club workshop, we use the eyes of science and craftsmen to maximize your power and the power of your clubs.

Mizuno GCF Shop

At Mizuno GCF Shop, our expert staff will suggest the optimal shaft, head, grip, etc. for you based on the measurements with "SHAFT OPTIMIZER 3D" which can tell you everything just by hitting three balls.

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