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A combination of greater distance and ease.

A first for muziik! Multi-composite driver.
Achieves high initial velocity, strong trajectory, low spin, and forgiveness
A driver that expands the world view of local clubs. 
It is high quality and feels like it bites into the face. 
Low spin, high trajectory and overwhelming distance. 
You can change the loft and face angle. 
Adjustable sleeve that prevents the shaft from rotating. 
Just by looking at it, just by holding it, 
A design that makes you want to use it.

811 Titanium frame integrated FACE

The frame at the front of the head is made of lightweight, high-strength 811 titanium.
The weight is reduced by molding the frame and face as one piece.
In addition, on the back face side
Precision CNC milled
2.55mm around the periphery of the face, 2.8mm at the center of the face
Achieves thin peripheral design.
As the repulsion area expands, the center of the face bends more.
Achieves high initial velocity and maximizes distance performance.

Cast aluminum bumper installed at rear

By installing an aluminum bumper made of cast aluminum parts at the rear part,
Energy loss caused by impact can be taken into account.

Uses a lightweight, high-strength carbon crown and sole.
Lightweight, high-strength carbon is used for the crown and sole.
By using carbon, which is lighter than titanium, excess weight is generated, allowing greater freedom in design.
The degree will improve.
By bending at the time of impact
It has a strong restoring force.

Two types of original sleeves that prevent the shaft from rotating.

Muzik's sleeve uses an original design that prevents the shaft from rotating.
It can be used without affecting the shaft spine setting or lined grip.
You can choose from two types of sleeves.
DRAW Sleeve has four loft settings: -1°, standard, +1°, and +2°.
There are two lie angles available: standard and DRAW (+1° upright).
A total of eight different settings are available.
In addition to the regular DRAW sleeves, reverse-rotating FADE sleeves have also been added.
The FADE sleeve has four loft settings: +1°, standard, -1°, and -2°.
There are two lie angles available: standard and FADE (-1° flat).
A total of eight different settings are available.

Draw bias variable weight design

The excess weight created by the lightweight carbon-aluminum bumper
The SUS weight is placed on the draw bias at the rear of the head to promote ball grip.
The standard weight of 10g places a deeper center of gravity, resulting in a low spin, powerful ball trajectory.
Variable SUS weights (8g, 12, 14g) are available separately.

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